Radiance Plus


radiance-plus.jpgWhen it comes to Gurnee, IL orthodontics and braces, you won’t find another office that places a higher emphasis on state-of-the-art technology than we do at Kattner Orthodontics. It’s our goal to use the most advanced orthodontic technology and provide the best care so that we can give you the most efficient, comfortable, and convenient treatment possible. As your trusted provider of orthodontics in the Gurnee area, we’re proud to offer Radiance Plus, one of the latest orthodontic treatment appliances.

What Is Radiance Plus?

Radiance Plus is able to offer you a discreet orthodontic treatment while also providing the exceptional results achieved by more standard treatments. Unlike the metal brackets of traditional braces, the brackets of the Radiance Plus system are jewels that are made with clear, crystal-grown sapphires. These brackets are hardened by a heat process that makes them just as durable as they are attractive.

Why You Should Choose Radiance Plus

Some of the benefits of Radiance Plus include:

  • The clearest ceramic brackets; you will have a virtually discreet orthodontic treatment
  • More comfort
  • Stronger and more durable brackets than those of regular ceramic brackets
  • Beneficial for those who have allergies to certain metals

Contact Your Gurnee, IL Braces Specialist

If you’re looking for orthodontic treatment such as clear braces, we encourage you to contact our Waukegan office at (847) 244-7900 or to fill out our online form to book an appointment to see Dr. Kattner. We look forward to hearing from you and putting you on the path toward a straighter and healthier smile with the technology of Radiance Plus!