The Dangers of DIY Braces

The Dangers of DIY Braces
Posted on 06/06/2018
This is the image for the news article titled The Dangers of DIY BracesThere are lots of do-it-yourself or DIY projects you can do around your home to save yourself some time and money. In today’s technologically-driven world, it’s super easy to find instructions online that show you how to do just about anything at all. However, DIY braces are not something we recommend. In fact, Dr. Kattner and his staff would like to send out a warning that trying to straighten your teeth at home is something you should never try, regardless of how easy it may seem.

Why It’s a Terrible Idea to Try Straightening Your Own Teeth

There are many videos posted online that show people how to use everyday items like hair ties and rubber bands to straighten teeth. The people making these videos tell their audiences that there’s no reason to pay an orthodontist for braces when you can very easily straighten your own teeth for free.While putting rubber bands or elastic hair ties tightly around two or more of your teeth can make them move, it can also cause a number of complications like:

- Severe infection
- Gum damage
- Tooth root damage
- Tooth loss
- Serious, life-threatening medical complications

The bottom line? DIY braces are extremely dangerous and something you should never try. If you want straighter teeth, you need to see an orthodontist who has the necessary training and expertise to properly align teeth. 

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