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New Trends In Orthodontics

New Trends In Orthodontics
Posted on 12/21/2018

New Trends In Orthodontics

When it comes to the best possible orthodontic care in the Waukegan, Gurnee and Beach Park areas, staying on top of orthodontic trends is critical in the industry. The field is ever-changing because advancements in technology make orthodontic treatment options more efficient and comfortable.

Dr. Paul Kattner of Kattner Orthodontics is an expert in this area, maintaining an active membership in over six dental societies and associations to ensure he stays updated on the latest orthodontic trends. Here are his insights on four current orthodontic trends.  

#1: More Internet-centered

Just when you thought everything possible was already online, we've decided to take it one step further. At Kattner Orthodontics, we understand how busy you can be and are making it easier for you to get the information you need by making it available at your fingertips through our user-friendly website. You can expect to see more available online forms and a responsive website design that can be used on both your mobile device and at-home computer or laptop.

#2: Increase In Clear, Invisible Braces Treatment

Invisalign is a modern, orthodontic solution for top effectiveness and efficiency in achieving the perfect, straight smile. Invisalign uses transparent aligners for a sleek and comfortable treatment plan. Invisalign offers the same corrective measures as braces without having to have metal hardware fixed onto teeth. And with improvements in its technology, we are able to treat almost all types of orthodontic problems. It is no surprise that Invisalign will become an even more popular option in the orthodontic world for both adults and teens.

#3: More Quality Care

Orthodontists’ focus will be shifting toward more individualized care for patients by offering the best treatment options for each person at a reasonable price. At Kattner Orthodontics, our doctor cares about each individual’s orthodontic treatment process and outcome and will develop an individualized treatment plan that meets the needs and desires of each patient. You can expect to see an increase in quality individualized care in the future.

#4 Additional Financial Options.

When it comes to payment options, flexibility is essential. With the shape that the healthcare industry is in today, the dental industry realizes the need for diversity in terms of payment options. You can expect to see more payments options become available as new trends emerge in orthodontics. At Kattner Orthodontics, our financial staff develops a payment structure that fits your needs and budget and will work with your insurance company to make sure you receive maximum benefits.

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Orthodontic treatments and technology are constantly changing and you can count on Kattner Orthodontics to keep up to the date with the latest changes and bring those trends to our office in the Waukegan, Gurnee and Beach Park areas. Kattner Orthodontics strives to offer the highest possible quality of orthodontic care to our patients by staying on top of the latest orthodontic trends. If you would like to schedule an appointment with us or simply learn more about orthodontic trends, Invisalign, or metal braces do not hesitate to contact us by calling (847) 244-7900 or by emailing [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon and getting you started on your best smile.